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PHP Developers Based In Sydney

Building A Beautiful Website

123 2 Web is a local Australian website building company based in Sydney who can help take your website to the next level. We have built hundreds of websites for customers based throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have also helped repair websites that had been hacked or that were broken. We can be your PHP partner and can assist you in growing your business.

Here at 123 2 Web we will advise you of everything that you are going to need to get your new website off the ground and all of the costs that you might be up for. There will be no surprises when you commission 123 2 Web to build your new website.

We understand the internet and what it takes to get a website working. Our professional Sydney based PHP developer will work with gital will work with you to build a website that works for your business.

Getting Traffic

Getting traffic to your new website

These days in the majority of industries it is not sufficient just to put your site up and then forget about it hoping that it brings in a lot of new business for you. With so much competition out there even before you embark on a new design you need to be thinking about how you intend to bring traffic and customers to your new site.

Here at 123 2 Web in Sydney, when we design and build your website we make sure that it is optimised for your particular industry. However if you are in a competitive industry it is no guarantee to getting decent rankings for your website.

The major online ways that people drive traffic to a new website are through 'pay per click' advertising (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and Google Shopping. We can help you design an effective strategy that incorporates each of these components.

SEO starts from the moment you start planning your new website design as it is important to have a good idea of keywords that your potential new customers will use when trying to find websites like yours. It is also important to remember that Google will not know what your website is about unless you actually say it somewhere on your site. When you hear people talking about SEO they will generally refer to either on page SEO and off page SEO. Off page SEO is very much about building links back to your site from other sites on the internet. Google and other search engines will allocate more authority to your site if you have good relevant links from other sites. Off page SEO can be quite dangerous these days as the search engines may penalise you if you have a poor quality or unnatural link profile. On page SEO however is all about structuring your website correctly and making good use of your meta tags. When 123 2 Web create a site we always spend time thinking about how the site will look to the search engines and what keywords your customers are likely to use.

From our experience we advise our clients who are keen to quickly market their new website to start with a PPC campaign and specifically a Google adwords campaign. Google have around 90% of the Australian search market so it makes sense to go where the bulk of your customers will be going when they are looking for your products or services. When our Sydney team set up an adwords campaign we carry out keyword research to find out what people are searching for to find your products however we normally also go for broader search terms. What this does is it generates a lot more possible keywords that are associated with your product that people are potentially searching. This can give some interesting results. For example, while you may think that people are searching 'Sydney removalist company' to find you there may be a whole swag of other searches like 'Sydney movers', 'Sydney house removals' and 'movers and packers in Sydney' that people are searching to get to your site. While it costs a little more in the first couple of months to generate this data it ends up giving you some really valuable market information that you can work with.

Once you have a good understanding of what people are looking for to find your site on the web you can start working further on your SEO. Our approach to SEO is very much about building useful content for your site. There are plenty of people out there claiming that they can get you number 1 on Google however in our view the strategies that they are using can be quite high risk which may result in a ban for specific keywords or potentially a ban for your entire site. Our approach is to build content and create a site that is an authority within its field.

So, if you have a website that you want to start driving traffic to and generating business from, give 123 2 Web a call and we can advise you on how to go about it.

Website Development

Website development

If you want something more than a simple brochure website or online shop for your business then we can help you out! Why not give one of our Sydney based web design consultants a call today to see how.

When you are looking to do something complex with your website then you want to talk to someone who has the technical skills to do the job but who also understands what you are talking about and who talks in plain English that you can understand. If you are a Sydney based business then it can also make things a lot easier if you can talk to someone face to face about your web development where you can potentially draw diagrams, show examples of product or map out your website and processes on a whiteboard.

Here at 123 2 Web in Sydney our team have years of experience with website development and at developing complex systems. We are also really good at being able to communicate IT and web development concepts effectively with non-IT people. We understand how business works and we won't talk at you in website jargon!

Our Sydney development team can work with you and your team to design an online system that meets your specific needs and requirements. Whether you want to link in to another system, have an interactive quoting system, or do something that is totally unique we will be happy to discuss it with you and help you out. If you are a Sydney based business then either you can come into our Sydney offices or alternatively we can send one of our development staff to your Sydney office.

Our web developers are proficient in a variety of languages and tools including PHP, Laravel, Javascript, HTML, My SQL and more, and have the skills to make your website dreams a reality.

In a lot of cases there may also be off-the-shelf software that can accomplish what you need or that can be modified to meet your requirements. This is often significantly cheaper than trying to create a bespoke system from scratch and often you can end up with much more bang for your buck. When you talk to our web development team they can let you know if there is a creative way of saving you time and money on your website development project.

So if you need to do something that is far from standard then why not give our Sydney office a call today and discuss how our web site development team can help you out. Check out this website that we created recently for telephone answering service company Virtual Headquarters.

Website Checklist

Checklist for selecting a web design company

Comparing different internet marketing companies can be a difficult task as almost all of them have a different offering. Here is a checklist of items that we at 123 2 Web in Sydney think you should be asking about before you make a decision:

  1. Are you getting a custom designed site or will you be getting an off the shelf template? A lot of the cheaper web designers may give you what looks like a great price however what you are getting is a standard template that thousands of companies could be using for their website. You need to know what you are getting upfront.
  2. Who is going to create the content for the site? A lot of the cheaper offerings will expect you to do a lot of the work. They will provide you with a framework and you are expected to fill it with text and images. Here at 123 2 Web we work with you to create compelling content for your website and our experienced designers do the picture research to find some really great images.
  3. What image libraries are the design companies going to use? Web images can range in price from around $20 to hundreds. We use some really cost effective libraries however a lot of the others will use more expensive libraries. It is also worth checking that your images are purchased on a once off basis and that you won't be hit with a big renewal fee in a couple of years time.
  4. Where will your website be hosted and how much will it cost? Not all web hosting is the same. There is plenty of cheap hosting out there however you need to understand exactly what you are getting in terms of bandwidth, RAM and storage space. Some deals will sound really good however when you try to load your site you could find that the resources are insufficient for what you need. If you host yourself you will also have to do a lot of the work like backups, etc yourself. If you need additional support you will then need to pay for it.
  5. How much is it going to cost for ongoing maintenance to the site and will there be a Content Management System (CMS)? With a lot of companies the ongoing maintenance can be very expensive. They will charge you for each minor change that you make and the charge out rate per hour could be well into the hundreds. Here at 123 2 Web in Sydney we offer a monthly or annual support/hosting charge. Once you have paid your support fee if you have any small changes to the design or content you can either make the changes yourself within our CMS or you can contact us and we will make the changes for you. If you have major changes then you can contact us and we will work out a cost effective price to get the changes in place.
  6. Will the website design company be putting any on page SEO into the site? SEO is a complex issue and can require quite a lot of work. The starting point is on page SEO which is the process of making sure that your meta tags are search engine friendly and that the search engines can actually work out what your website is all about. At 123 2 Web our Sydney based SEO experts do all of this for you when we create your site. A lot of the other design companies will try to charge extra for this.

If you are looking to get a website for your business or you have got a couple of web quotes and you are not sure how to compare them then give our design professionals in our Sydney office a call and we can offer some free advice.

Why pick 123 2 Web?

There are plenty of website development companies in Sydney, and the rest of Australia for that matter, however if you have a small to medium sized business and you want a website that works for you and your business at a reasonable price then we are the best designers to choose.

Here are six reasons why we believe we are a great choice:

  1. We will tell you upfront what it is going to cost to build a beautiful custom website, everything that is going to be involved in the process and how long it is going to take. There are a lot of website companies out there that are promising cheap websites however what you actually get is a template that you have to populate yourself. By the time your site is finished you will have spent on getting copy written, having someone research images for you, paying them to work with your images to bring out the best in them and getting some on-page SEO put into the site.
  2. We don't use cheap templates. The problem with cheap template sites is that you can end up with a site that is similar to thousands of other sites out there. How would you feel if you got a template site and then one of your main competitors chose the exact same template for their new website? When you get a site from us a Sydney based designer will work with you to create a bespoke site that meets your requirements. They will advise you on what you need to provide to us and when you need to provide that content. They will research images for you and work with your images to really get the best out of them.
  3. We are a local Australian business based in Sydney. A lot of people believe they can get a better deal by using a US based designer or an Indian or Philippines website developer. Despite the web being global, local knowledge counts for a lot. As a local Sydney company we understand where places are, what design style Australians respond to, and we also have a good understanding of the local laws and regulations. In many cases the overseas suppliers will not understand or care about Australian requirements and in many cases will not care too much as once they have your money it can be pretty difficult to get it back. We have a number of customers who have paid large deposits to overseas suppliers and got nothing. After going through months of aggravation they have contacted our Sydney office and we have got them online in quite a short period of time.
  4. We create beautiful websites and we love what we do. Our Sydney designers are truly passionate about design and helping small businesses. Don't just take our word for it, our designers can show you hundreds of beautiful sites that we have created for our very satisfied customers. When you decide to work with us one of the first things you will do is have a chat to a website developer in Sydney who will start by listening to you and what you actually want to achieve with your new site. We then work with you to build something that you will really love. Whether you are a big multinational or a tradie who needs an affordable website we can sort something out for you.
  5. We can provide you with ongoing support! This is actually a big one. Getting your site live is only really the start of the process as, like your business, your site will likely need to grow. In addition, you are probably going to need help or advice in terms of how you get found on the web. For a small fee you can use our service to make changes to your site, add new images or change old ones. With a lot of our competitors this type of support can cost a lot of money and with some of the overseas suppliers you may even have trouble tracking them down in the first place.
  6. We have a lot of happy customers, our customers stay with us for a long time. We have built hundreds of sites and made a lot of people very happy. With some of our customers we have transformed their businesses (their words not ours) and helped bring in a lot of additional business for them. If you are considering getting a website call our Sydney office and we will be happy to put you in touch with some of these customers so you can ask them directly.

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